Departments Screen

Deparments screen allows you to see an overview of how departments are using company resources. It allows you to monitor department usage and their budgets.

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The department screen has the following menu items :-

  • Add Departments : Allows you to add a department
  • View Departments : Allows you to view existing departments and their current status as per their budget limits

More will be explained below

Create New Department Screen

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When creating a new department several things are key. The department budget limit and the budget start date and budget end date. This are used in tracking a departments usage levels.

Department Table View

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1.Dynamic Title

A dynamic title that shows which screen you are in

2/3. Limit, Count, Sum, Start Date and End Date

The table view shows you a department limit and the sum shows you how much a department has used as per the period specified (Start Date and End Date)

4. Edit Delete Actions

The Department screen does not allow you to restore deleted items. this is because departments rarely change in an organization. If you want to change the budget period of a department all you have to do is edit a department and specify the new periods.

5. Pagination

Pagination is used to prevent users from scrolling too much when viewing departments. Remember you can indicate how many items you want users to view in your .env file

6. Department Graph

The department graph gives you a quick visual representation of how much departments are using.