Dispatch Screen

The dispatch screen allows you to dispatch an item to a user. It allows you to record the item cost which is used to also monitor the department usage of consumables. Stockawesome is able to subtract the amount of a product once you do a dispatch

The dispatch screen has the following menu items :-

  1. Dispatch Item : Allows you to record a dispatch
  2. View Dispatches : Allows you to view a log of dispatches
  3. Deleted Items : Allows you to view deleted dispatches
  4. Defective Items : Allows you view a log of defective items

More will be explained below


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The dispatch form allows you to record a product dispatch to a user. If you try to dispatch more than is in stock the system alerts you of this. If the user you are trying to dispatch to is not in the system you need to go to the Users screen and create them.

When Dispatching Several things happen.

  1. The System checks if the product is using multiple locations.
  2. If it is it prompts you to enter the Warehouse Items is in and the Bin Location you want to dispatch from.

Restocks Table View

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Use the dispatch menu to navigate between sections

2. Amount, Dispatchedto, ItemCost

On the dispatch table we highlight the item cost, person you dispatched item to and when it was dispatched to the person

3. Edit, Delete Actions

Several actions occur when you edit a dispatch :-

  • We add the count of the item you had previously dispatched to the product count.
  • We then subtract the count of the new dispatch from the product count.

Several actions occur when you delete a dispatch :-

  • We add the count of the item you had previously dispatched to the product count.
  • We add the dispatch to the list of defective items

4. Pagination

Pagination is used to prevent users from scrolling too much when viewing dispatches. Remember you can indicate how many items you want users to view in your .env file

5. Dispatch Graph

The dispatch graph shows you how many items you dispatch per day over the period of a month.

Defetive Items

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When you delete a dispatch, in scenarios when an item is returned you can mark it as defective if that is the case. Defective items are added to the defective section and can be restored if this was done by mistake

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