Restock Screen

Incase you want to restock items in stockawesome you use this screen. Stockawesome is clever enough to add the number of items you have procured to your product list. If you delete a restock it also negates it from the total count in your product list

Create A Restock

My helpful screenshot

When recording a restock it is important to record the item cost/ unit cost of the item. This are used in recording the cost of a single dispatch to a user. The current unit cost of a product is updated from a restock. If you have any important documents e.g invoices, receipts e.t.c you can attach them in the upload zip section .

When Restocking several things happen:- My helpful screenshot

  1. The current product you are restocking is checked (see above picture) if it is using multiple storage locations
  2. If so you are prompted to enter the Warehouse Location and Bin Location (see above picture)

View Done Restocks

My helpful screenshot

To view done restocks visit the restocked items page. it shows you details of your restock. If you want to undo a restock click on the X and it will be automatically decremented from inventory. You do not need to do anything else.