Suppliers Screen

Suppliers screen allows you to add suppliers. This suppliers are used in the restocks menu during recording of a restock. The system automatically calculates the total amount you use on a supplier and the total restocks a supplier has done.

My helpful screenshot

On the supplier screen we have the following menu items :-

  1. Add Supplier : Allows you to add a new supplier
  2. Suppliers : Allows you to see current suppliers and the amount you have spent on them
  3. Deleted Items : This contains suppliers that you have deleted and you can restore them.

More will be explained below

Create New Supplier Screen

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The supplier screen allows you to add a new supplier with the most important information you need to identify a supplier.

Restocks Table View

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1.Menu Items

Use the menu items to select the screen you want to view

2. Dynamic title

It shows you the current section you are in.

3. Total Ammount

The total amount section gives you a view of how much you have been spending on a supplier

4. Edit delete actions

Allows you to edit/ delete suppliers. Please note that you can not edit the amount you spend on a supplier this is done automatically based on restocks.

5. Pagination

Pagination is used to prevent users from scrolling too much when viewing products. Remember you can indicate how many items you want users to view in your .env file

6. Supplier chart

The supplier graph gives a visual representation of spending on your suppliers