Version 2.0 comes with several enhancements an features. Some of which require you to change the database schema of your application. Please use the following steps to upgrade your application. As per our support policy we can do upgrades for you for free. Please email

Backup your Data

This is very important do not skip. First you need to backup all of your data. To do this (assuming you are using phpmyadmin). Making sure that you are in the correct database (Export the database).

My helpful screenshot

After that save the file somewhere safe.

My helpful screenshot.

We will not be liable if you do not back up your data appropriately. You may ask for help for the upgrade process if you so wish

Upgrade the application

Next delete your database and application folder and replace with the new versions. That is delete all tables in phpmyadmin and use the new database schema in the database folder and copy and replace the stockawesome folder with the new application.

Next Import the file you backed up earlier to your application.

My helpful screenshot.

Finally run the script to change your existing data to Version 2.0 Format. Just copy the code below to the sql editor and click Go. Make sure you are in the correct database (stockawesome).

INSERT INTO `stockawesome`.`companies` (`id`, `companyName`, `city`, `country`, `defaultCurrency`, `created_at`, `updated_at`) VALUES (1, 'ACME', 'Nairobi', 'Kenya', 'KES', '2015-08-14 00:00:00', '2015-08-14 00:00:00');
insert into staff (id, name, email, departmentId) select id, name, email, departmentId from users;
update users set companyId = 1;
update departments set companyId = 1;
update dispatches set companyId = 1;
update printers set companyId = 1;
update printer_logs set companyId = 1;
update printer_oids set companyId = 1;
update products set companyId = 1;
update purchase_orders set companyId = 1;
update purchase_orders_list set companyId = 1;
update restocks set companyId = 1;
update suppliers set companyId = 1;
update staff set companyId = 1;

What gets Introduced

  1. Translation ( with five languages pre-installed)
  2. Multi Company Support
  3. Staff are now moved from users section to a staff screen
  4. Purchase orders have been introduced.