Version 3.0 introduces a new concept of warehousing. This enables you to have multiple warehouse locations and binlocations. This feature will continue to be streamlined and more features added in due time.

Adding a warehouse and Bin Locations

Locations added in the Warehouse screen can be used when Creating a Product, Restocking a Product in the manual process or in the Purchase Order Process.

To add A warehouse click on New Warehouse and fill in required details.

My helpful screenshot

After creating the warehouse you will be redirected to another screen where you can enter storage locations (bin locations) from this screen you can enter as many bin locations as you wish.

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Viewing Created Warehouses

The View Warehouses table provides with several important information :-

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  1. Number of products in a warehouse, if you click the link it will give you what the current warehouse holds
  2. Add Bin Locations this allows you add bin Location to an existing warehouse
  3. View Bin Locations in an existing Warehouse. From here you can edit existing bin Locations